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At THUNDER FACTORY, we are obsessed with helping clients close sales and drive revenues. You will never hear us talk about a marketing strategy, tactic or program in an isolated context that does not relate to this obsession.

Integration - In a digital world of 360° communications, one-track, two-dimensional marketing just doesn't cut it anymore. We believe in integrated marketing because it generates results. It is the most cost efficient way to reach out to and sell to target customers and stakeholders.

Creativity - Innovative thinking, and breakthrough tactics sell…but only when they are founded on marketing strategies informed by research. An important part of this is the creative use of technology - from online research, to high impact digital design and proprietary marketing, PR and IR applications that strengthen, streamline and accelerate the marketing process.

Accountability - We won't suggest a marketing objective that cannot be measured and tracked by metrics agreed-to upfront with the client. Every metric has to tie back to our primary objective of driving the client's sales and revenues. We are accountable to these results measures, and our clients expect us to deliver on them.

Integrity - Dealing straight (and telling the sometimes hard truths) is a matter of faith at THUNDER FACTORY. We always "tell it like it is," and recommend only those marketing strategies and tactics that we truly believe are in our clients' best interests. And, we live up to our promises and commitments. We have the highest ethical standards in how we do business, how we treat our people and how we conduct ourselves in the community.
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