THUNDER FACTORY is built upon an efficient and intentionally lean management structure, comprised of a core group of senior managers with broad marketing and management experience.

Clients expect and deserve expertise and experience focused on their most pressing business needs. THUNDER FACTORY Consultants and Associates bring insights, proven skills and results-generating capabilities gained from years of experience.

Our managers, called Business Creation Consultants, follow a straight-forward, no-nonsense approach to understanding and evaluating client marketing challenges and opportunities. They begin every relationship with a singular, bottom-up focus on understanding the company's business model and evaluating what it takes to close sales and drive revenues. This understanding leads to a research mandate that fills in knowledge gaps, enabling THUNDER FACTORY to make highly-focused marketing strategy and program recommendations, and to employ the right teams to execute the programs we recommend.

Every THUNDER FACTORY marketing program is measurable by metrics that impact sales and revenues. We are accountable to these metrics, and our clients expect us to deliver on them.

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