Strategic Business Creation

THUNDER FACTORY's service philosophy, Strategic Business Creation, is single-mindedly focused on helping our clients close sales and expand their revenue-generating opportunities. This philosophy is built upon the following strategic pillars:  
Integrated Marketing Strategy and Tactical Execution
Strategic Partnerships and Marketing Channel Management
Business Design and Management Effectiveness Consulting
Sales Support and Development
Strategic Business Creation reflects a fundamentally different business philosophy regarding the choice of tactics that should be used to achieve the client's marketing and business goals.

Unlike traditional marketing consulting firms and agencies, THUNDER FACTORY is "discipline neutral" in its approach to developing integrated marketing programs that help clients win. We never start with a bias for any particular tactical approach. Instead, we make sure that the client's goals and opportunities first drive the integrated marketing strategy, and then the revenue-building tactical campaign - not the other way around.

Also, we build marketing programs from the customer upward. We work with sales and marketing teams to understand fully what really sells, then translate that knowledge into effective marketing programs. By contrast, consultants and agencies often take the easy way out, recommending programs that are conceived from the top-down, and rationalized from general marketing data and trends.

Strategic Business Creation
is another tangible demonstration of THUNDER FACTORY's obsession with developing and implementing marketing strategies and tactics that help our clients close sales and drive revenues. Strategic Business Creation ensures that we do so in the most effective, cost efficient and fastest way possible.

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