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THUNDER FACTORY consultants apply their marketing expertise and creativity first as business people. Their focus is on delivering return on investment, never just on spending a budget.

This business-oriented marketing philosophy and methodology is at the heart of the THUNDER FACTORY value proposition. It defines who we are, how we work, and the results that we are intent on delivering for clients. We evaluate, research, strategize, recommend and execute in terms of core business objectives, not simply in terms of discrete marketing activities.

As part of this approach, we ask the hard business questions first to understand clients' revenue model, strategic market position and sales dynamics, then apply proven integrated marketing principles and creative programs to drive specific business goals.

How are we different from other firms? It's simple. We mean business. Marketing with a capital "M" is synonymous with business itself, not just an enabler of business. And, it's not just about generating awareness or visibility. Our sales- and revenue-focused approach is what it means to be a marketing-driven organization - not just in theory, but in fact.

Our two primary, inter-related practice areas are Marketing Consulting, in all its facets, and Management Consulting, focused exclusively on extending integrated marketing discipline as far into the organization as possible. We work to enhance the level of integration among the client's marketing groups and programs, and tighten the linkage between marketing activities and sales results.
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