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Serving a broad range of marketing needs across many industries, from consumers brands, technology and financial services to health care and education; and from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.




THUNDER FACTORY is in business to help our clients close sales and drive revenues.

There is no other reason for a company to invest in marketing and communications except to recoup that investment many, many times over. That simple fact, so often forgotten by traditional advertising or PR agencies, is the driving force at THUNDER FACTORY.

We grow by helping you grow your business. Plain and simple.

About our name

People frequently ask us how we came up with our name, THUNDER FACTORY. It was actually the nickname of the Republic Aviation Corporation, the Long Island-based manufacturer of the legendary P-47 Thunderbolt, the fighter-bomber that helped the U.S. win WW II. The Thunderbolt was the first American fighter that had the range to provide protective cover for the B-17 and B-24 bombers all the way to Germany from their bases in Britain. The leading American fighter aces in Europe also flew the P-47.

The Thunderbolt was renowned for its power and versatility, and its ability to get its pilots safely back to base. Not as sleek as the P-51 Mustang nor as fast as Britain's celebrated Spitfire, the thousands of P-47s that rolled out of Republic's Thunder Factory were known as true workhorses, the fighters that always got the job done.

The name of our firm is a celebration of the values and attributes of the P-47 Thunderbolt and the people who built and flew it. THUNDER FACTORY takes a very business-like approach to helping our clients close sales and drive revenues - i.e., getting the job done. We are single-mindedly focused on developing powerful marketing strategies and campaigns that enable our clients to compete more effectively, and win the battle for new customers and market share.

Thus, was born THUNDER FACTORY - the marketing firm