THUNDER FACTORY is currently developing strategic marketing and communications technologies that will help clients strengthen productivity, speed time to market and lower marketing costs. These proprietary applications will automate core marketing and communications functions including: strategy development, competitive analysis, brand strategy and development, naming, message architecture, public relations and investor relations strategies, and advertising/creative strategy.

In developing these unique new technologies, THUNDER FACTORY's goal is to reverse the 80/20 rule that has long ruled the marketing industry. By automating the 80 percent of basic marketing functions (that are rapidly becoming commoditized anyway), THUNDER FACTORY will help companies focus the majority of their efforts and resources on customized marketing strategies and initiatives that build strong brands and drive growing revenues - faster and more cost-efficiently. As such, THUNDER FACTORY will provides valuable productivity-enhancing and efficiency-building solutions for marketers worldwide.

The following technology solutions are currently in development:


Brandscend® Automated strategic marketing applications that help companies plan, develop and manage powerhouse brands that drive strong customer relationships, growing revenues and long-term business results
StrategyTracker® Customized client extranet, featuring Web-based tools to facilitate and accelerate key marketing areas such as competitive monitoring, strategic planning, messaging and program/knowledge management
MarketCockpit® Fully integrated Web-based marketing applications platform that easily interfaces with customers' enterprise infrastructure. MarketCockpit integrates best-of-breed online marketing applications in one convenient and powerful marketers' "cockpit"
LaunchAccelerator® Five-stage online planning program designed to accelerate and streamline new company start-ups and product launches
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