Management Consulting
Our management consulting services are 100 percent focused on helping our clients to achieve integrated marketing operations that get sales results and drive revenues over the long term.

To be successful, companies must have a marketing orientation and a marketing purpose. Key organizations within the company should likewise share this marketing focus.

THUNDER FACTORY management consultants help clients become true marketing-driven organizations. We help management to ask the tough return-on-investment questions that force organizations to think through and refine the process of making a sale - questions about organizational structure and design, executive involvement in the marketing equation, dynamics of the relationship between marketing and sales, technology and financial infrastructure, and other key variables.

We help our clients to fine-tune their marketing operations from every perspective that might impact the company's effectiveness at closing sales and driving revenues.

Our management consulting practice services include:
Relationship training for sales and marketing organizations
Business design and organizational effectiveness
Business modeling and process improvement
Executive strategy and coaching
Human resources and compensation strategies
Technology structure and design
Change management strategies and program management
Turn-around consulting
For more information please contact:
Patrick Di Chiro
(650) 286-7353
[email protected]
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