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Blips / November 2007

Music Libraries Move Us Ahead

We’ve been anticipating the “digital living room” and a truly centralized single access-point for the consumption and storage of all of our digital media since the turn of the new year. As is common in the realm of emerging media, music is forging the path toward that paradigm shift. Examples: allows users to bulk upload a music library (capacity unlimited) for easy access from anywhere. Simplify Media enables users to directly access their iTunes libraries without having to upload to an online “locker.” And Ovi by Nokia’s pioneering music store enables users to download songs from their phones and synchronize automatically with PCs or up to five other Nokia devices.

Donít Take Casual Gaming Casually

Unique visitors to online gaming sites, excluding gambling sites, has reached nearly 217 million worldwide (comScore). 50 million adults play casual video games to bond with children & grandchildren (ISG for PopCap Games). 71% of casual gamers say they play casual games online at least once a week (ISG for PopCap Games). 83% of casual gamers are willing to view a 30-second ad in order to play a game for free (Macrovision).
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Music Libraries Move Us Ahead
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