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Digital Drive-Thru Week of 08/09/10
What Makes Up a Social Marketing Strategy?
It’s quickly becoming common wisdom among marketers that to implement an effective social media program, you need to start with a strategy (I know...duh!). Of course, that doesn’t mean a majority of those involved in the space have gotten on board yet and created such a strategic, well-thought-out approach. According to a recent study by Digital Brand Expressions, 52% of social marketers are operating “without a game plan,” similar to the 50% found in April 2010 by R2integrated.
Cold Stone Heats Up in Social Media
Cold Stone Creamery is the latest brand to embrace social media applications on Facebook. The ice cream chain is now allowing consumers to send tangible gifts to friends via Facebook. Using the e-gift app, consumers can select one or more friends to send gifts to, either by adding them from Facebook or entering their e-mail address. Unlike virtual gifts on Facebook, however, the Cold Stone app sends a code for a physical product that can be redeemed at any of the chain's 1,300 locations.
Who Spends Most Time on Facebook?
The Nielsen Company reported in June that, on average, the global consumer spends about 1 in every 4.5 minutes online on blogs or social networking sites. According to a report by market researcher Morpace, among US Facebook users time on Facebook rises to 1 in 3 minutes spent online. Unsurprisingly, despite Facebook’s growing appeal to older users, 18- to 34-year-olds spend the most time on the site per week, at 8.5 hours out of 22.4 spent online. Weekly Facebook time drops to 4.6 hours among users ages 55 and older, representing a lower proportion of that group’s average of 21.5 hours per week on the internet.
Social media sites become No. 1 online activity
Americans are spending a quarter of their Internet time on Facebook or other social networking sites, while online video games have passed sending e-mail as the second most popular online activity, according to a new report from the Nielsen Co. The report said that Americans spent 22.7 percent of their online time on social networking or blogs in June 2010, a 43 percent increase compared to June 2009.