Lynn Upshaw is a leading brand strategist and corporate consultant whose clients have included a broad range of Fortune 500 and Internet companies.
Building Brand Idenity

Upshaw's text hits the mark in two ways. It surveys a very complex, demanding environment and reduces it to several clear concepts. And it provides a range of examples, timeless ones, that illustrate how the concepts are applied in the real world. Building Brand Identity reaches at least two different audiences, professionals who want new tools to evaluate their own brand management and the layperson/newcomer audience seeking to learn the techniques involved in brand development. The reader can use Upshaw's ideas as a business manual or as a tool to better understand what he calls a hostile marketplace. And both types of reader will be entertained along the way.

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The Masterbrand Mandate

This is a practical, real-world business book that clearly illustrates a fact that companies too often ignore (at their peril): brands really are too important to remain solely within the province of the marketing or corporate communications departments. In "The Masterbrand Mandate," Lynn Upshaw and Earl Taylor make a persuasive, well documented case that brands should indeed be the #1 priority of the CEO and senior management overall.

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