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San Francisco  /  New York  /  Los Angeles
We are dedicated to helping our clients gain maximum benefit from the emerging digital economy—both through our strategic insights and our work. With that in mind, THUNDER FACTORY offers a comprehensive suite of Digital Business Audit & Strategy (DBAS) services and solutions to harness the power and possibilities of digital business strategies and tactics:
  • Current Digital Practices Analysis – An in-depth audit of what your organization is currently doing, and/or not doing, in terms of digital business and marketing communications.
  • Competitor Benchmarking Study – A review of what your key competitors are doing, and/or not doing, in their digital business activities.
  • Industry Best Practices Review – A thorough overview of the digital business and marketing best practices employed in your industry.
  • Digital Business Value Chain – Based on our research findings, a set of recommendations outlining the needs, opportunities, key initiatives and benefits/results for your comprehensive digital business strategy and action plan.
  • Integrated Digital Strategy and Deployment Plan – A richly detailed overview of the strategies and tactics recommended to leverage your company’s digital business opportunities.
Undertaken on their own, or in concert with your integrated marketing program, THUNDER FACTORY's Digital Audit capabilities can help you compete and win in the new digital environment.