Plan Sponsors

  Employers and Plan Sponsors


Offer Security as an Added Retirement Benefit

mPower provides your employees with personalized, integrated retirement planning and investment advice at any time. From investment advice to financial education, retirement planning to document management, we provide everything you need to improve your defined contribution plan.

mPower can also help 401(k), 403(b) or 457 plan sponsors improve key plan statistics, such as participation rates, deferral rates and overall asset allocation. Our service helps monitor plan performance and changes in participant behavior. Key benefits to plan sponsors include:

  • Objective fund analysis and commentary on each fund
  • Seamless integration with your bundled plan provider's retirement services
  • Integrated communications that keep participants informed and involved
  • Comprehensive product support (online, phone, and paper-based)
  • A thorough and convenient resource that eases the servicing burden on internal staff
  • Tested, leading-edge security solutions

mPower will also configure a Web site based on your specific retirement plan features. The site will incorporate everything from investment options to detailed fund profiles. It’s one more way mPower enables you to offer employees sound investment advise as a plan fiduciary.