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mPower is a pioneer and leader in online investment advice, offering powerful solutions that enable institutions to attract and retain more customers, accumulate more assets and sell more financial products. mPower offers the Personal Advisor and the Professional Advisor for institutions to provide meaningful, affordable services to their clients.

The Personal Advisor

The Personal Advisor is an online service designed to help self-directed retirement plan participants get the most out of their investment choices and put them on course to meet their retirement goals. It enables participants to:

  • Create a comprehensive retirement strategy that factors in multiple household members, multiple accounts and multiple retirement cashflows
  • Receive fund-specific advice on accounts
  • Simulate the impact of different risk levels on investments
  • Perform various "what if" simulations in the forecasting section
  • Get detailed fund information in the Research Center
  • Learn more about retirement plans and general investing in the Education section
  • Easily navigate the web site according to their experience level and desired amount of time they wish to spend using the product

The Professional Advisor

The Professional Advisor is a total planning tool for financial advisors and consultants. This service is designed to help financial professionals advise clients on meeting multiple financial goals. It enables financial advisors to:

  • Incorporate both taxable and tax-deferred investment accounts in designing a financial plan
  • Designate specific accounts to fund specific goals
  • Store and compare unlimited hypothetical scenarios
  • Define tax cost constraints when calculating the optimal allocation of investments within a taxable account
  • Allow for goals occurring any time in the investor's life
  • Perform significant "what if?" modeling
  • Modify a client's investment preferences by rating importance of fund characteristics
  • Run forecasts illustrating the probability of achieving combined goals and individual goals by priority
  • Perform portfolio diagnostics
  • Run simulations for stock options
  • Allow custom target asset allocations, as well as sector allocations, set either globally or by account