Single Point of Accountability

ZANTAZ - Repositioning Pays

The Challenge:

To make ZANTAZ stand out in the crowded field of digital data storage. Reverse business decline and overcome market stagnation.


Reposition ZANTAZ from a provider of storage technology to an expert in applying archiving technology to meet the compliance requirements of regulated industries. In other words, position the company on the basis of a market niche need rather than an "all things to all people" product offering. Regulated companies, such as securities brokerage firms, must comply with regulations governing record-keeping, e-mail supervision and archiving, and access to digital documents. We created a business category, Compliance Technology Solutions™, which ZANTAZ could own.


Extensive media relations program around ZANTAZ as a thought leader on regulatory compliance.
Customer and media roundtable meetings with experts on compliance.
Media interviews with ZANTAZ spokespeople for commentary on corporate responsibility issues arising from post-Enron business coverage.
Direct marketing campaign, off- and online, to compliance officers in financial firms.
Compliance Technology Quarterly newsletter
Corporate positioning brochure
Website redesign to reflect new positioning
Ongoing media outreach campaigns worldwide

Extensive favorable coverage in a wide range of business media, including the Wall Street Journal.
Highly qualified, high-value leads from direct marketing.
According to the Wall Street Journal, "ZANTAZ expects revenue this year to climb 300%. The company will see its first profits early next year."

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