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The days are happily over when the marketing industry - and especially marketing firms and agencies - could get away with saying that it's impossible to measure the Return on Investment (ROI) of its efforts. That just won't cut it anymore, and it's about time. Clients spend a lot of money on marketing, and they rightfully expect accountability for results - from their marketing departments and their agency partners.

From the beginning, THUNDER FACTORY never needed to be told to demonstrate and measure ROI for the marketing and communications that we implement for our clients. Our core values of "Results" and what we call "Clients First" (yes, the clients' interests really do come first at our firm), demanded that we build ROI measurement into everything we do.

In practice, that means we start by first fully understanding our clients' objectives (it's amazing how infrequently this happens in the marketing business), and then conducting 360 degree research to truly understand market drivers, issues and opportunities. We then set a benchmark by which we measure results every steps of the way. As we implement the campaign, we continually track those results against our benchmarks, while calibrating and fine tuning strategy, messaging, media and tactics.

Ultimately, by committing early on to a process of continuous results measurement, we are able to provide our clients with a much clearer picture of the true ROI they are getting from the programs we develop and execute for them. That's another reason why, at THUNDER FACTORY, our client mantra is, "Building Your Business."

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