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our approach
The best marketing programs are built from the ground up. They are based not on the desires and needs of companies, but instead on the specific needs of audiences. It is essential for a marketer to first fully understand these audience needs, and then deliver the most relevant message in the most unique and compelling manner.

At THUNDER FACTORY, we pride ourselves on our ability to uncover the true needs of our clients' audiences and develop fully integrated marketing strategies that meet them. We utilize innovative tactics that both engage and activate customers in a way that is effective and measurable. Our process includes these seven key steps:

Listen carefully to the customer…act accordingly
Get the prospect's/consumer's attention
Get them interested in your offering
Take that interest to the next level - finalize pitch
Close the sale and generate business activity
Sign up the prospect to be a regular, loyal customer
Calculate success/provide ROI feedback to move forward

Once again, it is all about closing sales, driving revenues and growing your business.

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