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THUNDER GROUP LLC Launches to Create, Incubate and Invest in Digital Media and Marketing Enterprises

THUNDER GROUP “Keiretsu” Shares Expertise, Contacts, Ideas
to Nurture Digital Ventures, Accelerate Their Success; New Fund
To Help Launch Digital Properties
SAN FRANCISCO, October 31, 2007 – With a vision to both drive and capitalize on the global digital media and marketing revolution, THUNDER GROUP LLC has launched its “keiretsu” of like minded companies, entrepreneurs and investors whose collaborative mission is to accelerate business growth and success for innovative 21st Century enterprises. THUNDER GROUP is also in the process of raising a fund that will invest in and help incubate these young companies.

The THUNDER GROUP keiretsu is focusing on five main business and technology sectors: digital marketing and related technologies; consumer health care communications and digital therapy solutions; sustainable lifestyles and technologies; financial services and investing; and, social networking for niche markets. In addition, the Group will advance mobile applications of all of these businesses, media and technologies.

“It’s already well established that digital media and technology are revolutionizing marketing and other major industries worldwide, but less appreciated is the critical role that active collaboration and community play in this fundamental business sea change,” said Patrick U. Di Chiro, Founder and CEO of THUNDER GROUP. “The fact is that there are many incredibly smart companies and thought leaders in the digital media and marketing space, but it’s difficult to succeed as a singular entity.”

Di Chiro continued: “We are big believers in the power of collaborative enterprise, and THUNDER GROUP is a business creation and investing venture built upon that philosophy. In essence, we adapted the Japanese keiretsu’s model of interlocking business alliances and mutually beneficial support structures to the evolving web 2.0 and digital media economy.”

Initial members of the THUNDER GROUP keiretsu, include:
  • AdJuicer (, a breakthrough platform that enables marketers, their agencies and consumers to create and distribute user generated advertising
  • Media Gems (, a comprehensive network of media properties and marketing tools designed to help marketers reach “conscious consumers” who strive to live sustainable, healthier lifestyles
  • MobileGates (, a leading provider of intelligent mobile location-based solutions for online, print, voice and search marketers
  • CollegeCarrot (, an online community that connects students with college admissions counselors
  • THUNDER FACTORY (, one of the nation’s leading integrated marketing firms, specializing in digital media and marketing. THUNDER FACTORY is also a co-founder of and investor in THUNDER GROUP LLC
THUNDER GROUP will function much like a “marketing systems integrator,” providing strategic services, technology solutions and implementation to achieve major marketing objectives. The Group will integrate the intellectual and executional assets of its members to help corporations capitalize on the new digital media and marketing channels and technologies to engage more effectively their consumers and customers, and ultimately generate better marketing results.

THUNDER GROUP will be announcing its Advisory Board and new member companies in the near future.


THUNDER GROUP LLC is a new kind of business “keiretsu” and investing venture that will both drive and capitalize on the global revolution in digital media and marketing. THUNDER GROUP brings together like minded companies, entrepreneurs and investors to share expertise, contacts and ideas to create and incubate innovative new companies in digital marketing, consumer healthcare, sustainable lifestyles and social networking. For more information, visit


Since its founding in 2000, THUNDER FACTORY has built a national reputation for creating integrated, big idea-driven marketing solutions and campaigns that help clients build their businesses. The firm provides a comprehensive range of digital, interactive and business-building marketing and communications services. THUNDER FACTORY's clients range from Fortune 50 corporations to leading mid-sized companies and start-ups. For more information, visit and the firm’s blog at